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List of Dogs That Family Love To be With!

July 22, 2015

Dog BreedsYou want your child to have a companion, a friend to play, and a way to teach him responsibility.  You also want your child to be safe and protected.  If you’ve considered a dog as an addition to your home, then you’ve probably weighed the advantages against the disadvantages.  A dog can be a great friend, a responsibility-learning tool, and a brave protector.

The breed can be a huge determinant of the relationship between your child, the dog and other family members, including pets.  Some breeds are perfect for children, with their gentle and protective nature.  Other breeds can be jealous or easily irritated by a child.  A little research can help you decide what breed is right for you.  But, until you tackle the search on your own, here are a few suggestions of breeds that enjoy the company of a child.

American Eskimo Dog:  Pick a size, any size: toy, miniature, or standard.  As small as they are, American Eskimo Dogs pack a ton of character.  They are sassy, intelligent, and full of energy.  They work best with older children and love cold climates.  If you live somewhere warm, then make sure you have a wadding pool!  They require lots of attention, so be willing to include them in daily activities.

Beagle: Beagles are small to medium sized dogs that get along well with almost everyone.  They love playing with children, and, if socialized early on, will not be aggressive toward other pets in the home.  They are curious and easy to train.  Beagles are good for apartments or homes, because of their quietness and moderate energy levels.  However, Beagles require lots of exercises and love daily walks or runs.

Bearded Collie:  Don’t be fooled by the shaggy coat!  Bearded Collies are fun-loving animals that like to be surrounded by people.  They have medium to high energy levels and enjoy running and playing outside.  They get along well with other household pets, dogs, and cats alike.  Their noisy bark should not be mistaken for guard-dog potential; they are just voicing their excitement!

Dutch Smoushond:  If you want a small, playful dog, then a Dutch Smoushond is a good choice.  Unlike other small dog breeds, these dogs love playing with children and are easily trained.  Because of their yappy nature, they make excellent watchdogs.  They can live in any size space, as long as they have room to play.

Leonberger:  Because of their extraordinary patience, Leonbergers are perfect for small children.  If an aggressive situation presents itself, the dog will just ignore it and walk away. They are trustworthy dogs that love their owners.  Even though an adult Leonberger can be significant, he can easily live in small spaces.  He doesn’t like to be left outside by himself for long, and he looks forward to a daily walk.

Mastiff:  If you’re looking for a more laid-back and chilled out pooch, and then a Mastiff is an excellent choice.  They enjoy being outdoors but do not require tons of exercise, making them perfect for apartment-dwelling families.  Mastiffs are protective of their families but are gentle and quiet in the home.  Be sure to buy a few sets of earplugs, because Mastiffs like to snore!

Portuguese Water Dog:  It’s all in the name:  the Portuguese Water Dog loves water!  He’s quick to learn, brilliant, and loyal to his owner.  The dog likes to live indoors but requires a place to expend his energy.  He’s loveable and affectionate towards children.

Choosing the right breed of dog is important for your family.  You want your child to have a sweet-tempered pet to run and play.  You also need a pet that can adapt to your living situation.  Beagles and American Eskimo Dogs are small and sweet.  Mastiffs are larger, but, because of their relaxed nature, are perfect for small homes or apartments. If you have other pets in your home, then you probably want to consider a Bearded Collie.  Whichever breed you choose, do some research first. Other factors should be considered when choosing a dog, such as life expectancy, shedding, and common health problems.  Remember, you’re searching for your child’s life-long friend!

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