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Reasons Why Dog Ramp is Useful to your Dogs

January 26, 2016

Dog Ramp For DogsIf you have ever had to lift a resisting 100 pounds of fur-clad dog into a car, you understand the usefulness of a dog ramp.  We Americans spoil our dogs in ways no other culture can imagine, and as a result, they live longer.  Just like humans, dogs deal with things like bursitis, arthritis, and other age-related conditions.  For them, ramps make life worthwhile.

Personally, I can’t lift a large dog into my SUV, which may be why I have a dog that will weigh 10 pounds fully grown.  Of course, my dog is also unusually short, so when he outgrows this lovely puppy phase, a ramp will be just the solution to letting him maintain his dignity by getting in and out of the car without having to be constant picked up.  This same principle holds true for other dogs as well.

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Aging Dogs

Older dogs don’t realize what is going on.  Dogs live in the now.  That means that they have few regrets, but it also means they are completely baffled by their inability to get into the back of your truck as they age.  Getting a dog ramp can provide another way to access the beloved car so they can continue to enjoy rides, regardless of their age.

You don’t have to wait until your dog is old to get a ramp either.  Think of it as preventative pet ownership.  Your dog will learn to get up into the car with a bit of decorum, and you can avoid the experience of a large animal hurtling themselves through an open car door and falling a bit short of the landing.  Then, as they age, the issue of teaching them how to use the ramp will be irrelevant.

Short Dogs

It isn’t fair to assume that all small dogs are small or unable to jump into a vehicle.  Rather, the real issue is a dog who has short legs paired with a large body.  Dogs like Basset Hounds have an awful time getting into a high car. Once again, a ramp can come to your rescue.  Little dogs have a very definite sense of themselves as powerful and mighty, and a ramp can help bolster that perception.  Self-sufficiency is beautiful in all creatures.

Your Choices

Ramps are made of many materials.  From simple wooden wedges lined with carpeting for use indoors to car ramps that roll up and store in a pouch, ramps can accommodate just about every height and dog weight.  You can even select a grade that telescopes out from under your car if you want to spend that much money.

Look at the specs of any ramp you are considering for the weight it can support AND the weight of the ramp itself.  You won’t do yourself any favors trading lifting your 100 pound dog for a 50 pound ramp.  Ask to take the ramp out to your car and try it out.  Open and close it a couple of times and make sure you are comfortable with its operations.  If it meets your needs and is easy to operate, you have found a winner. Visit our Homepage for more Info

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