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Effective Ways to Deal About Shedding Dog Hairs

March 18, 2016

Shedding Dog HairsAlmost all dogs shed hair, so dealing with it is a serious question for a great number of dog owners. I want to look at this problem in two ways – prevention and cleaning up. Having the problem of dog hair solved in your home means that you have one less thing to concern yourself with, and maybe make life a little easier on yourself.  So you have  dog that sheds hair (poodle owners talk amongst yourselves for a while!) the question is what can you do about it. As I said, I want to tackle this in two phases: Phase 1 – prevention, and Phase 2 – clean up.


You cannot stop your dog from shedding hair, but you can minimize it. The secret to prevention is frequent and proper grooming. There are several tools that can be useful here. They are specific to the size of your dog, but since you are on this site I think that its fair to assume that your dog is on the small side of the scale. That being the case, there are a few recommendations that I can give, based on feedback I have received from enthusiastic dog owners across a variety of breeds.

The furminator is probably the best known solution to shedding hair, and with good reason. They have a variety of products based on the size of your dog and the length of hair – all of which are listed and available here. At the time of writing, they are reduced in price by almost 50% so now would be the time to get one. They have some guidelines on use, which are important to read. The instructions are listed here too, so have  look if you want! See Also World Cutest Small Dog Breeds

There are some dogs, however, who cannot stand the rake type brushes. Sometimes its due to the previous trauma of an owner who was far too heavy handed with it, other times sometimes they just hate the sensation of hair being potentially tugged. But whatever the reason, if your dog really dislikes the rake style solution then its just not going to work for you. Thankfully there is another solution – the rubber brush!This type of brush is actually designed primarily for skin massage, but it also removes dirt and loose hair. It can be used with your dog being wet or dry. The soft massage feel of the brush means you will struggle to find a dog that does not enjoy the sensation. It is, however not quite as efficient as a good rake style brush when it comes to hair removal, but its still pretty good. Its certainly better than nothing… and as I say, your dog is going to love it.

Its also important that you bathe your dog regularly to help with getting rid of shedding hair. A good combination of regular baths and grooming will dramatically reduce your dogs shedding around your home.

Clean up

As I said, there is no technique or solution that will completely get rid of your dogs shedding problem. So you will always need to be involved in some kind of clean up operation. As you will have noticed, a standard vacuum cleaner will struggle to deal with pet hair on soft furnishing (unless you have this vacuum cleaner of course)

A much more affordable alternative to the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner is something like this rubber bristled brush. At around ten times cheaper, its not quite as effective but it sure does work. Its decent for cleaning up on hard floors, carpets and even soft furnishings.

Do you have any hints or tips on how to deal with shedding dog hairs? Why not share them with the community in the comments section, I just know that we would all love to hear them!

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