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6 Steps to Moving in Apartment with you Dogs

January 24, 2016

Dog in the box that moving in AparmentMoving from a house to an apartment is a big difference. With the economy, we are in now it's not uncommon for some families to be downsizing. It can be hard to the whole family including your dog. Your dog is very used to the smells and space he had in the house rather than the apartment. Follow the steps below as It is important to prepare yourself and your dog to transfer from something like a house into an apartment.

Step 1: Get new identification. As soon as you know the address, apartment number and phone number of your new residence, have a new identification tag created for your dog. Sadly, many people forget this crucial step in the moving process, or they think it can wait a few days. This is not the case, as many dogs will be upset and confused by their new digs and wander off in the first few days at their new residence.

Step 2: Spend some time familiarizing your dog with the new grounds. You probably spent, at least, an hour checking out the property before you committed to renting an apartment there; allow your dog the same amount of time to get familiar with his new place. Make sure you take him on a leash as you adventure and explore the property. Let him sniff as much as he wants, there are bound to be plenty of new and exciting scents for him!

Step 3: Introduce him to the neighbors. Your dog will likely come into contact with his new neighbors, so it’s a good idea to get the introductions out of the way. Your dog might not be used to having so many friends in such proximity so you might have to work on his social behaviors if he appears nervous or anxious. Hopefully, your dog will not spend much of his time barking from inside the home, but if he does, you will need to let your neighbors know immediately that you are working to stop the behavior. (Then you need to seek the advice of an obedience trainer to stop the action!) 

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Step 4: Have bed, will travel. Make sure to bring your dog’s bedding with you to the new apartment. Do not purchase new bedding for your dog! The sight and smell of his old bed will be a comfort to him in these unpredictable times. You’ll need to show him where his bed will be located in the apartment and then give him time to adjust to its new location.

Step 5: Schedule potty breaks and exercise. Your dog is likely used to being able to saunter in and out through the doggie door when he needs to relieve himself or wants to run and play in the yard. Being confined to the apartment is probably going to be his biggest adjustment. You will need to take him out regularly, so he doesn’t have accidents in the house and you will need to schedule exercise breaks for him. Hopefully, you’ve chosen an apartment that is convenient to walk trails or that has big grassy fields for playing fetch. The time you spend together while he’s getting his exercise is also good for his morale.

Step 6: Get a few new supplies. As the dog owner, it is your responsibility to carry waste disposal bags with you whenever you and your dog are out and about at the apartment complex. You don’t want to gain the reputation of being the tenant who doesn’t pick up after his dog. You also might wish to visit the pet store and pick up a few new indoor toys for your pooch. He will need new and exciting things to keep his mind on while he is confined indoors in this new environment.

Following the steps above should help you and your dog make the adjustment from house to the apartment. Keep in mind that it’s going to take time for your dog to adapt to his new surroundings. There may be some minor setbacks, but if you remain patient and loving, you will teach him a valuable lesson: tough times can bring families closer together.

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